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Do you want to learn something new today? There is this super awesome Youtube channel by the name Crash Course that can teach you everything from astronomy to psychology through speedy talks. Perfect for anyone who "doesn't have time" for taking a class in that subject you have been wanting to learn for so long.

Links to Crash Course pages:

Crash course is a channel that educates through short videos where they tell you the most important and informational things about the subject. They have a colorful design and talk about things in a very interesting way, making these videos quite fun to watch.

I see learning as the most important aspect of a life. From the day we are born to the day we die our brains will be re-wiring itself and learn new things, and it's up to you what gets put in there. It is incredibly satisfying to get a better understanding of the world around and new doors will open with every step.

I have decided to watch the Crash Course - Psychology Playlist during the next few weeks. Psychology and the workings of the mind has always been a big interest of mine and I am excited to learn more about it. Since the videos are pretty short (about 10-15 minutes long) It's perfect to watch and reflect over each video, taking in information and getting used to to new concepts. I also like to draw while watching to understand and clarify.

As I wrote earlier, Crash Course offers courses in different subjects and I will put links to the playlists below, so if you are interested just click on the link and get started on your free course of your choice:

Coming soon on Crash Course:

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