Dear Universe — an atheist prayer

Dear Universe — an atheist prayer

Many people would start a prayer like this; Dear God …

They would go on with words of kindness or any requests they have to the man in the sky, ending with an “amen” like punching the send button in messenger.
Many times I too have wished for a god to pray to, someone to ask for support and help, but with this text, I am hoping to explain why I have chosen to believe in the “ultimate divine” instead.
So, dear universe, you incredible, complex and perfect thing, I want to start by saying I love you.

You are so huge and filled with mysteries, that I seem like a speck in it all, and when you zoom in on that, you realize that that speck is only more specks with even more specks inside.

At almost any level the universe looks the same, whether you call it an organism, a planet, a solar system or a cell, they are all part of what makes everything, well … anything.
I am amazed by your beauty, perfection, and grace. What you truly are is beyond anything I will ever be able to even think of. That makes me love you, even more, it proves that you are more precious than anything inside of me, any idea or logic, any knowledge or thought. Everything is you, I too am a piece, just blinded to everything that I as a human being should not perceive.
Dear universe, I have complete trust in you. I know that whatever comes my way is a challenge I’ll need to go through. Even if you would choose to throw death upon me, let my life fall apart, I respect and love you for existing at all.
Dear universe there is still a lot to say, but I don’t know what words to use when explaining these feelings for an absolutely magical place. I wish I had words to tell about the very nature of existence, matter, atoms, time, space and everything else, but I will end this with another; I love you and I promise to stay curious my friend.
Dear Universe may you grow and evolve from our chaos, from our unsettling and crazy ways. Let there come beauty out of every action, every moment, every thought and every single passing day. Let there be life within you, trying to understand itself throughout. Let there be absolute peace in your seemingly chaotic ways.

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