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Today I thought I'd share something I wrote the other day. At first you might think it's kind of sad and hopeless, but what I am really trying to say is that life is scary, but no matter how scary or hopeless, it keeps going on, just like it always has and always will.

I was going to explain a little about what I've written, but I believe that your personal understanding is much more valuable and interesting, so enjoy reading and comment below if you feel inspired!

The Plank of Life

The future seems like such a hard place, filled with uncertainty and unforgiveness. I have it all so good, so where can it possibly go from here?

I am balancing on the plank of life, avoiding certain death. It’s not death that scares me, it’s the falling. That extremely terrifying feeling when you think you’ve lost it, but you find your last strength and struggle your way up, just to start all over again, this time even shakier and weaker than before.

I guess there is relief every now and then, when you just got your grip again, getting onto your feet, shaky but up. It’s a winning feeling! It surely is, until you look down into the wild ocean. You just won over your body, not the plank.

Still, this is it. I am here and that seems to be staying the same. I’ve given up hope in running, there is nothing to run from. I’ve accepted that life will keep on twisting and turning and I, will keep on balancing.

There is something they don’t tell you about fear. Finally it drains you. It gets into your head and bones, after a while what’s the point. All the time spent fighting it, falling just doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

But falling doesn’t last. That’s not the end. Then there's the ocean beneath the plank. Sure you can move more freely, but where exactly will you go? Nowhere, forward, that way, wherever that is.

Scary and known, into the deepest unknown. You swim through storms and sunny days, into the giant waves, with not a grip nor a clue to what the future might hold for you.

Oh, the sun can feel so good when you are floating in the ocean, our dependence lies in it, and it’s free to soak up. No everlasting fear debt, like the one society and our world lies upon us.

With all that said, this is it. We will keep on balancing, we will keep on swimming.

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