Elevate - The Ultimate Brain Trainer

Elevate is an app I have been using for almost six months now and I have to say, I am really happy with it. It provides a personalized game based training program with three different activities for you to do daily. Elevate has been downloaded over 10 million times on app store and was selected as App Of The Year 2014 by Apple. 

On their website they describe it as a cognitive training tool designed to build communication and analytical skills. They game based program is adjusted to your skill, want and need, and it tracks your progress as you complete training. 

It only takes about 5-15 minuts to complete the three daily activities so everyone's got time to do it! If three activities aren't enough, there are a few extra things to explore in the app.

Personally I like the reading exercises and found them very helpful when learning to read faster or understanding what you read better. The memory exercises are also great, you get to practice remembering names and information that you otherwise easily forget.

Hope you feel inspired to try it out!

Saw on their website that they have several job openings in California, so if you happen to be educated and fit for the job check out the link Job Openings. You might just become a part of developing this cool app!


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